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Discover How Our Press Release Blueprint Secured a Front-Page Story on The Sunday New York Times Real Estate Section and Can Do the Same for You

Discover Strategies to Elevate Your Business Announcements to Prestigious News Outlets & Ensure Unmatched Results

What would consistent press in local online publications do for securing exclusive listings?

In today's fiercely competitive real estate market, standing out is more challenging than ever.

Whether you're a real estate mogul looking to highlight your latest development or an agent tired of relying on referrals... the battle for visibility is real.

You're up against not just your direct competitors but the overwhelming flood of digital content vying for your audience's attention.

You're probably listing 2-3 properties per year...

Many real estate professionals & agents ... find themselves lost in the shuffle of fierce competition, unsure how to elevate their brand above the noise.

Perhaps you've tried various marketing strategies such as networking events, partnerships, blogging, posting on social media, writing exhausting newsletters, or sending out gifts to friends & family....

Or you're on the verge of something great but can't seem to grab the spotlight that you deserve.

Sellers Need To See You In The Online News Media As The Go-To Agent

For too many industries, the power of a well-crafted press release remains undiscovered territory.

It's not just about announcing what's new; it's about crafting a narrative that positions your brand as a leader, a problem-solver, an innovator. But how do you not only send a press release but also ensure that media outlets see it and, more importantly, it delivers results?

You need a strategy that doesn't just aim to participate but to dominate your market. You need a blueprint that turns your announcements into not just news, but the news everyone talks about.

Designed for "The Unheard realtor" To Become the "Go-To Listing Agent"

Normally $497. Just $197 launch price.

Bob Knakal, (left) 22 Billion In Real Estate Sales With Ed Winslow (Right), creator of Million Dollar Press Releases

Introducing the power of million dollar press releases

This isn't just a course; it's a transformational journey from being just another name in the market to becoming the name that dominates headlines & conversations.

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How To Become Famous In Your Market:
Ed Winslow & Caroline Vega

We've been exactly where you are – knowing the value you bring to the table but frustrated by the lack of recognition.

That changed when we discovered and perfected the art of the press release, a tool we've used to catapult businesses into the spotlight, securing front-page stories and becoming a staple in major news outlets like Google News, Business Insider, Digital Journal, Associated Press, and more.

Here's How To Become The Go-To Realtor In Your Market...

In Million Dollar Press Releases, you will learn not just to create press releases but to craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience and the media alike. Here are the benefits you'll unlock:

  • Master the Art of Attention-Grabbing Headlines: Learn how to instantly captivate your audience, compelling them to read on. We'll teach you the secrets behind creating headlines that not only draw eyes but also compel readers to look deeper into what you have to say. Mastering this skill can dramatically increase your visibility and impact.

  • Craft Stories that Resonate: Move beyond announcements to tell engaging stories that highlight your brand's unique value and vision. It's storytelling that sells, and we'll show you how to do it with flair and precision.

  • Strategic Distribution Mastery: Discover the roadmap to get your press release into the hands of key media players and platforms that matter with targeted, strategic placement to maximize exposure and engagement with your key audience.

  • Achieve Consistent Visibility: Implement our proven blueprint to ensure your brand stays in the news cycle, building momentum and authority across relevant media platforms.

  • Generate Real-World Impact: See tangible results as your press release efforts translate into increased brand recognition, website traffic, and revenue. We’re about results, not just theories.

Early Wins You Can Expect:

Within the first few weeks of implementing our strategies, you'll notice a significant uptick in your online visibility. Our step-by-step blueprint is designed to get you quick wins—whether it's getting your press release published in top media outlets, seeing a boost in your website traffic, or experiencing enhanced brand recognition. These initial successes are just the beginning, setting the stage for sustained growth and impact.

Building Your Brand's Legacy:

Beyond the immediate visibility and recognition, Million Dollar Press Releases lays the foundation for long-term brand authority and influence. As you consistently apply our proven strategies, you're not just making noise in the market; you're building a legacy. Our course teaches you how to leverage press releases for ongoing brand development, ensuring that your business becomes a trusted name in your industry. By positioning your brand at the forefront of your market, you pave the way for enduring success and a reputation that opens doors.

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What's included in Million Dollar Press Releases?

Dive deep into the art of press release mastery with our comprehensive package designed to transform you into a press release expert:

1) Comprehensive Video Lessons: Receive in-depth guidance through every facet of press release creation, from drafting to distribution.

2) Expert-Led Modules: Benefit from downloadable resources, handouts, and an exclusive mindset eBook. These materials are crafted to enrich your learning experience, allowing you to apply what you learn immediately.

Our goal is to ensure you emerge from this course fully equipped to craft impactful press releases that get published and noticed.

Course Modules: Your Blueprint to Success

1) Intro Video - Welcome
Setting the stage for building your brand with our press release blueprint. 

2) Journey from the New York Times to Google

Uncover the force behind successful press releases and how to make them work for your brand. 

3) The Mindset for Success

Explore success formulas spoken by world-leading entrepreneurs that are applicable to your press release strategy.

4) Keyword Motivation Research
Learn how to perform keyword research to create press releases that resonate deeply with your audience.

5) Creative Press Release Planning
Learn the essentials of structuring your press release for maximum impact.

6) Strengthen Your Headlines

Discover how to write persuasive headlines that captivate your readers from the start.

7) The Introduction Hook:

Craft compelling introductions that entice readers to engage further with your content.

8) Body - The Core of The Press Release
Blend vital information with engaging storytelling to keep readers invested.

9) Photos
Select images that make your press releases stand out and connect with your audience.

10) Google Map Embed

Add geographic context to your story, enhancing visibility and attracting high-ticket clients.

11) Video Embeds

Transform your press release into a dynamic sales page for broader reach and impact.

12) Double Closing Rates with Press Release Handouts

Use press releases to create
undeniable proof of your expertise, crushing competition.

13) Where to Get PR and Next Steps: Navigate the landscape of press release distribution for maximum impact.

Bonus Video – Success Story of Bob Knakal: Learn from Bob Knakal's journey of building a $100 million dollar real estate brand through continuous media exposure, implementing "Proof Stacking" as a model in his market. This bonus video offers past and current examples you can model in your market, proving there's nothing like media exposure to amplify your reputation and success.

Ready to Make Your News the Headline?

Don't let your brand's story go untold. With "Million Dollar Press Releases," you have everything you need to turn your announcements into the news that not only captures attention but captivates the imagination.

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14 Comprehensive Videos
+ Handouts & EBook

Real Stories, Real Impact

Don't just take our word for it. Throughout the course, we share one page case studies and testimonials from a range of industries – from real estate to healthcare – who've used our strategies to achieve unprecedented success. You'll see firsthand how our approach to press releases has helped businesses break through the noise, attract high-ticket clients, and establish themselves as leaders in their markets.

Become the Story Everyone Talks About

With Million Dollar Press Releases, you're not just learning to send out information; you're learning to create news that elevates your brand's status and brings your success story to life. It's about becoming so
compelling that the market can't help but take notice and talk about you.

Inspired by what our clients and One Page Case Studies mastermind members say? You're next!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've never used press releases before. Will this course still benefit me?

Absolutely. We designed our course to guide you from the basics to advanced strategies, making it perfect for newcomers and seasoned real estate pros alike. Whether you're crafting your first press release or looking to refine your approach, we provide the tools and insights to ensure your success.

Q. Can I expect media coverage in top outlets, even if I'm new to the industry?

Yes! Our blueprint demystifies the process of getting your press releases picked up by top media outlets. We teach you how to craft compelling stories that appeal to journalists and media platforms, regardless of your business size. It's all about the story you tell and how you tell it.

Q: How time-consuming is the process? I have a limited bandwidth.

We understand the constraints of busy entrepreneurs, which is why our course streamlines the press release process. By offering templates, downloads, and efficient strategies, we minimize the time and effort required on your part. Our goal is to make impactful press releases accessible, even for those with the tightest schedules.

Q. What if my press releases still don't get picked up after taking this course?

When you follow our Million Dollar Press Releases blueprint and use our distribution service, we guarantee that our news network will publish your press release. We partner with over 200+ major news media sites, including Google News, Business Insider, Digital Journal, Associated Press, and more, ensuring your press release reaches a wide audience. Our course equips you with the knowledge to craft compelling press releases that stand out, and our distribution service takes care of the visibility, offering you peace of mind and guaranteed results.

Q. Is the investment worth it?

Investing in Million Dollar Press Releases is an investment in your brand's visibility and authority. By enabling you to consistently generate media coverage, the course helps elevate your brand, attract high-ticket clients, and achieve a significant ROI. The strategies you'll learn are not just about press releases; they're about transforming how the world sees your brand.

Q. How quickly can I see results from implementing these strategies?

Typically, we publish press releases within 24-48 hours, and in some cases, they can go live the same day. We guarantee immediate visibility through our extensive network of over 200+ major news media sites. However, the timeline for seeing tangible results, such as a significant SEO boost or enhanced brand visibility, can vary. Success depends on consistency in publishing and the strategic application of our blueprint. While some businesses observe immediate impacts, others may see a gradual increase in their online presence and brand recognition over weeks or months. Consistent application of our strategies is key to maximizing the benefits of press releases for your brand.

Q. Who is this course for?

This course is meticulously crafted for business owners, marketers, and agency owners across a wide range of industries looking to amplify their brand's visibility, authority, and impact. This course will provide you with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to make your press releases resonate with your target audience and get picked up by major news outlets. It's perfect for:

▪️ Real Estate Brokers, Investors, and Developers looking to highlight their ventures

▪️ Mortgage and Finance professionals aiming to share their expertise and solutions

▪️ Architects and Designers wanting to showcase their innovative projects

▪️ Hospitality Professionals and Resort Owners wishing to promote their destinations

▪️ Business and Insurance Brokers aiming to announce significant deals or services

In short, if you're passionate about elevating your brand and crafting stories that not only get published but also get remembered and talked about, Million Dollar Press Releases is for you.

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